Value Analytics Guidelines

  • All transactions should be placed at NSE / BSE exchange
  • Traders/Investor must exit when either stop loss (SL) are hit or recommended targets are achieved.
  • After first target is achieved, investors/traders should treat/modify first target as stop loss (SL) and should wait for the next target or investor/trader can exit from the first target.
  • When the call is given with above/below instructions, you must follow the same. (for example: buy ABC LTD @ 200, SL 190, TGT 210/220. in this case investor/trader should buy ABD LTD only if trade is equal or above 200 and not before that).
  • Stop loss are indicative as per the technical chart and analysis, investor/traders can keep stop loss below the given stop loss as per their own loss & risk capacity.
  • Do not wait till the stock price comes to our recommended level. kindly inform your broker in advance about the execution price, whenever above and below instructions are given.
  • After subscribing to our service, kindly follow all our calls and do not keep your trades restricted to few calls to arrive at desired accuracy.
  • Read all the instructions mentioned thoroughly and carefully and then only execute the trade. Follow through of the calls once it is initiated is as important as executing the calls. (Sometimes after giving calls, we may come across some odd events in market as a result we are required to give you certain instruction like ignore our buy/sell call, book 30-50% profit, book full profit and exit, exit from the call. You are requested to follow all these instructions religiously in order to make profitable trades or to reduce your losses).
  • Whenever calls are provided Always observe the return on your investment in terms of percentage (%) and not in terms of amount.
  • Consult your financial advisor before investing on the calls provided, we shall not be liable for any loss occurred. Also read the disclaimer thoroughly and carefully before investing.
  • Subscription fees paid by you are only for getting advice on our website and it does not include any SMS/oral/written/personal communication by us.
  • Telephonic/face to face conversation will not be entertained in any case. If trader/investor wishes to consult, the same can be done through sending email provided on our website. Telephonic/face to face conversation with not be entertained in any case.
  • Investments in stock market are subjected to market risk and past performance/result are not the guarantee for future returns. Information/advice provided are best to our knowledge and information and does not provide any guarantee for occurrence of profit and non-occurrence of loss. We are not be liable for any loss or financial loss occurred to you on account of our stock advise.
  • Fees Once paid a for subscribing our stock advisory service, cannot be refunded in any case. Please read our disclaimer at thoroughly and carefully before investing.