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We at Value Analytics provide trading tips for the short-term trade. We help traders to build their own investment strategy. We try connects all factors of swing trading with the help of various technical tools and gives the valuable tips for the swing trading for the traders to earn a good return from the recommended stock which are in short term momentum.

Our Stock Analysis

Our Stock Analysis

Our research focuses to capture short term uptrend of the stock which can reach the price target from 1 – 2 weeks, or a 1 month. The recommended stock has the potential to move up in such short time frame. The Stock recommended are the stocks which are kept hold for 1 week to 1 month. Some stock may have extra-potential momentum which can reach the price target in 2 or 4 days.

Traders can also consider the stock for intraday when the recommended stock gets a good momentum. Our main strategy is to capture a chunk of the expected price move, and then move on to the next opportunity.

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Buying the recommended stock at the best price with a stop loss during the current going trading session can give extra returns. Strategy of holding a position either (1 month) or short (1-2 week). The goal is to capture a short-term price momentum of the stock with the combination of various technical tool and Fundamental Analysis.
Below are the points to consider

  • All transactions should be placed at NSE / BSE exchange
  • Traders/Investor must exit when either stop loss (SL) are hit or recommended targets are achieved. Read more...